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Authority Labs is a handy tool, capable of tracking and plotting keywords for a publisher’s affiliate website. This tool can also perform daily checks of the keywords you have highlighted, and then turn them into weekly reports.

AuthorityLabs is a super-powerful web-based SEO monitoring tool that has a user-friendly interface making it super easy-to-use. The platform is designed to fast and accurate in competitor tracking, white label keyword reporting, local and global tracking for various search engines, reporting exporting, and Google AdWords Integration.

If you have had enough of the trigger issues like server costs and loads, stressful server maintenance, and proxy battles, it’s time you turn to AuthorityLabs. The platform eliminates all these problems thanks to its capability to easily track countless websites consecutively.

It is one of the best scalable tools that track all keywords for a number of domains across the mainstream search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

AuthorityLabs is a well-reputed tool for all SEO professionals. It’s truly flexible and is designed with on the go experts in mind. The software meets all the SEO requirements and is packaged in appealing plans that are impressive to all even the small-scale entrepreneurs. Regardless of the keywords to track and the number of websites, AuthorityLabs has the architecture to offer affordable and suitable solutions quickly.

Setting up your multiple sites is incredibly easy, you just enter the domain and site name and let the software make the rest happen automatically. You also have the freedom to constantly track all your keywords thanks to the effective tools which provides daily updates from the search engines.

The sync functionality of this software replicates all the keywords across the domains thereby saving you time used in keyword tracking. Additionally, the keyword tracking is done daily and in a way that it can identify the locale of the search initiation if you are monitoring local ranking.

Establishing white label version for you branding is incredibly easy with this system. Authority Lab gives you the freedom to create a customized system for branding with any firm.

There are customized reports which make it easier to monitor your performance on daily basis. The reports give you a clear view of the average keyword ranks in a specific search engine and relate the rank to the corresponding changes. The reports also present a 30 day trend and in case you want a detailed analysis you just choose a particular keyword and get the information and charts including the keyword comparison.