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Ispionage, This tool lets you know what brands are currently running ads for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and what ad content they use, what landing pages are and what they do. of those ads and campaigns.


This is your money making screen here! Again, you get all the keywords and if you want to sort them, you will have to click CPC twice to get the highest paying keywords here. On your site, you will want to make posts about these terms and make each post title the exact keyword that you are targeting. Not only will you get PPC traffic from your PPC campaign, but you can also start to get that organic SEO traffic, which we all love. Consider using this tool and check the ispionage pricing

Say you are targeting “bowling ball bags” which is a CPC of $1.51. You won’t get the $1.51, but you will get a good amount of that. For this example, say you would get $1 for each click on that term. Now, you target keywords that at a max you will pay 5 cents. That means to break even, one out of every 20 visitors will need to click an ad, or a CTR of 5%. That is actually very easy when you are targeting specific things like this, so you should easily be able to do this and make money.

If that wasn’t enough for you to build your campaigns, they will build your campaigns for you. You would just go to PPC Campaign Builder and type in the URL again. You select all the keywords you want and add them to the keyword list. Next step is to Keyword Clean Up, where you can remove duplicates, like if you added your own, or remove certain negative words, such as scam or fraud.

Next step is to sort them out into groups so that your ads will be relevent to the keywords. Save that and move on to the fun part of building your campaigns.

With this step, you set your ad pricing, build your ads based off what you have seen earlier and finally, generate the campaign that is ready to be thrown into Google to start making you some money right now.

That is all! You have all the tools right at your fingertips to create extremely profitable PPC campaigns and even websites as a whole with all this research right here. That is why I am falling in love with it and will be my go to tool for a long time coming when I am starting to build my newer sites and even when I am branching out into new areas. Go take a look around and see if you can start making some money with these tips!