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KeywordEye is a keyword suggestion tool that helps you visualize the search volume of the keyword you need to research and analyze the keyword competitively with the direct competition of your website directly on the page. Search results of the search engine.


This tool defaults to Google UK since it’s developed by a UK team, so if you’re using it in the US, you’ll have to change it to Google US. The nice thing is that it also has options for several other countries and returns results in language.

The free version of this tool does limit you to 100 keywords, so while it’s useful for high level ideas, it’s not a keyword research substitute.

Another nice feature is the ability to order the cloud visualization it returns – by Adwords competition or by search volume. Since the cloud already “orders” the data by showing high volume words in larger font, I generally choose to order by Adwords competition.

As you can see, this is an easy way to surface a lot of related keywords that don’t necessarily contain the word “backpack”. It’s also a better strategy for translation/localization on the cheap, since “deuter rucksack” is likely to be the most searched phrase.

It will save you from making a big mistake like using the literal translation of “to backpack”, which is “trampen”, or being too specific like “hiking backpack”, which is “wanderrucksack”.

KeywordEye is an extremely useful tool for SEOs. Get inside the UpGroupBuy.com Dashboard.