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Discover top long-tail keywords using data from 11 suggest APIs by using KeywordKeg. The Google Keyword Planner replacement and then some!


By using KeywordKeg you can easily find low competition, easy to rank for keywords. This is a dream of every internet marketer. Inside the KeywordKeg dashboard you can get access to the following features:

  • Get access to Volume, CPC, and Competition from Google Keyword Planner. In addition to these, use our proprietary metrics to compare contenders in your keyword hunt.
  • On-Page Difficulty (0-100): Measure of various factors that contribute to difficulty in ranking for the keyword based on the page’s content. The lower, the better the opportunity to rank.
  • Off-Page Difficulty (0-100): A backlinks based measure that demonstrates the difficulty in ranking for a keyword. The lower the measure, the better the opportunity to rank.
  • SEO Difficulty (0-100): Measure of overall SEO Difficulty for the keyword, which is a combination of On-Page and Off-Page difficulty. The lower the measure, the better the opportunity to rank.
  • CTR Scope (0-100): The Click Through Rate Scope metric is a measure of how much traffic you can expect to get. The higher the score, the better.

Many things that you can do with easy to rank keyword that released by KeywordKeg Tools. On UpGrouBuy.com we provide the Group Buy of KeywordKeg so you can get full access without spending money a lot. There are some kind of KeywordKeg capabilities:

  • Enter as much as 30 Seed Keywords. Save hrs by trying to find multiple seed keywords previously and discover a large number of related keywords
  • Bulk Upload 500,000 Keywords. Upload your Stand out/CSV files with as many as 500,000 of the keywords and obtain metrics on their behalf.
  • Export All Keywords 34 Metrics. Export keywords & all of our proprietory metrics to CSV, Stand out and PDF files using the choice to white-colored label
  • Adwords Data Clickstream Data. Volume, CPC from Pay Per Click, improved with clickstream data
  • 11 Suggest APIs. More Suggest APIs than every other keyword tool – Google, YouTube, Amazon . com, eBay and much more
  • Proprietory Metrics. Keyword Difficulty Metrics to gauge On-Page & Off-Page optimization. Here’s detailed information on the way they are calculated
  • SERP features for advanced targeting. Target only keywords with specific SERP features which help your company
  • Instantly categorized by intent. Filter keywords according to purchase intent to enhance the caliber of traffic aimed at your website
  • Five Keyword Tools for that cost of 1. Five unique keyword tools: Find Keywords, Import Keywords, Related Keywords, PASF Keywords & Merge Words