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Ninja Outreach is a web-based software that helps you create successful influencer outreach campaigns. With a database of over 25 million websites, you can find the right influencers in any niche and country. As Twitter happens to be the preferred social media channel for a majority of influencers, Ninja Outreach has over 2 million Twitter profiles in its database, helping you find and connect with the right Twitter influencers. Best yet, you can filter by Twitter follower counts and engage with influencers with the highest followers.

Ninja Outreach is loaded with features, but in regards to blogger outreach, here are the four features that stand out:. Personalized influencer outreach messages: Ninja Outreach equips you with tons of outreach email templates which you can customize to deliver the right message to the influencers. Analytics and automation: You can automate your email sends and track stats such as open rate, click-through rate, and reply rate. Find any email: The Email Finder feature allows you to find anyone’s email address just by giving a search for the specific domain. Your very own outreach inbox: Ninja Outreach includes an in-app inbox which syncs with your email client to copy relevant prospect conversations, making it super-easy for you to view your influencer outreach history and follow up. Ninja Outreach Pricing Plans. Ninja Outreach has four pricing plans to choose from:. Solo ($52/mo) – This is the most basic plan where you can store up to 1500 contacts with no restrictions on emailing and searches. However, you can’t add additional users and you’ll not get access to the automation features. Pro ($75/mo) – This is the most popular Ninja Outreach pricing plan where you can have unlimited users and store up to 5000 contacts. You also get access to automated emails and follow-up features. Plus, you’ll have access to NinjaBot, your very own automated influencer outreach assistant. Pro+ ($187/mo) – Here, in addition to all the features under Pro plan, you can add up to 25,000 contacts. You’ll also get custom templates and priority support. Enterprise ($599/mo) – As the name suggests, this plan is targeted towards large enterprises. You can store up to 100,000 contacts and add 10 users. The pricing plan you choose will depend on your outreach requirements. But for most bloggers, the basic Blogger plan should suffice. However, if you’d like to use the automation features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Small Agency plan. For a detailed comparison of all the features, click here or take Ninja Outreach for a test drive by clicking the link below.

Have you ever wanted to sign up for an SEO tools site but thought to yourself that the monthly subscriptions were too high? Well, here’s your chance to try many of these sites out for a lower cost than usual! Big name subscriptions like SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Animoto, MOZ, SpyFu and so much more can be made available with this low cost group buy subscription. Think Groupon meets SEO subscriptions and more. Better yet, the subscriptions you are able to group buy are premium accounts for select subscriptions, meaning, you get to share all the features of a standard subscription and more. Memberships cost $19.99 for the first month, and $49.99 the following month. This gives you select premium access to 64 different sites and counting, tens of thousands of dollars in value!

Link Building Newsletter Join SEO Facebook Group. And as a digital marketer, finding the right tools for the job can feel like an overwhelming task. Luckily for you, I have a shortcut. Throughout my career as a link builder and SEO, I have invested thousands of dollars and countless hours into finding and testing the best tools and software systems on the market. And after almost a decade in the game (and God know how much money) I have compiled a list of the best link building tools on the planet. And I am here today to share that knowledge with you. Whether you want to level up your outreach, remove dead links, master influencer marketing, or analyze your competitors, it’s all here. No matter your experience level, budget, or goal, I guarantee that this guide will help you find a tool to fit your needs.

Ninja Outreach has not been around as long as many of the other top names in the industry. I have been using Ninja Outreach for over 2 months now and after tweaking my campaigns, I have made 2 sales with a total of $4400 in revenue. I have 4 other companies requesting more information. Needless to say, Ninja Outreach is a great tool for outreach & lead generation. 2 thumbs up! ~Yasir Khan , Founder/CEO of Reputation Enhancer. Ninja Outreach is a phenomenal tool for compiling lists of prospects for different SEO link building campaigns and then automating the necessary outreach. With over 5 million influencers in their database, Ninja Outreach makes it a breeze to find, contact, and sell key industry influencers on your content. I’ve been doing SEO for over five years and Ninja Outreach is the best tool I’ve used to manage outreach campaigns across hundreds of websites and multiple projects. Their contact info collection tool alone saves me countless hours each month. ~Ryan O’Connor, One Tribe Apparel. Whenever one link building tool is powerful enough to garner the attention of industry leaders like Neil Patel, Jay Baer, and Debbie Williams, it is typically a good idea to pause and take notes.

With Ninja Outreach you can find influencers with just a couple of clicks. Use automatic email outreach to maximize results from your efforts. After prospecting for linkbuilding opportunities you can use custom e-mail templates or select already tested templates, connect with influencers and get campaign reports directly on your dashboard. Your campaign reports include detailed information about the open rates, click through rates, and reply rates from your outreach campaign. Based on these statistics you can easily determine the best performing e-mail templates and the highest response rate by target audience. .

Ninja outreach features both content and social prospecting with a bunch of filters to go along with it. It also found a reasonable number of emails from my testing. Pitchbox does an excellent job with it’s internal prospecting tool, and the contact scraping was solid all-round. No complaints. One-click sending (or automated sending) allows you to batch send emails to multiple prospects with a single click.