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What I love about SEOmonitor is how easily it allows me to get a sense of the potential impact of a successful search campaign. Kelvin NewmanFounder of BrightonSEO. I like the distillation of a single metric, Visibility Score, across a basket of keywords. Mark ChurchillMarketing Manager at Wealth Club Ltd. The SEO Timeline – Track changes, all changes. The timeline detects every little change on your pages but shows only the important ones. It’s like having an ongoing A/B test without any prior setup.

SEOmonitor – A Must Have For SEO Campaign. SEOmonitor is a great tool intended for digital marketing agencies and online marketers that indicates the exact measurement of SEO performance. By this way, they can easily monitor their campaign whether they are effective or not. It leads to accurate analysis with realistic forecast and reports. All in all, it is your gauge of success tracking your campaign from zero to hero. SEOMonitor Key Performance. It is like your SEO key performance indicator whereas, the tool features Google data-based solution that splits the organic traffic. It is your GPS for success that includes automatic keywords research tool. It helps you to determine the right keywords to use from your content. The tool can also generate and identify thousands of relevant keywords for you. This will not just help you rank up to the SERP, but also gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue via online dominance. Another is the visibility score indicator that enables you as a user to understand the overall performance of your SEO campaign based on Google’s algorithm. It calculates accurately of how many internet users will see your website. The powerful metric can help anyone to immediately rekindle the approach correctly. Business Builder. SEOmonitor also features the business builder tool that combines the solution visibility. This helps any SEO experts and companies to create realistic forecasts. The non-brand organic traffic, for example, can provide you the awareness you need about your track whether it is performing well or not. The opportunity or prioritizing the keywords are likely the best way to make an impact, In fact, the dashboard itself gives you the summary of the all monitored websites which have the same niche as you do. This allows you to draw your attention to the things they’ve done to their campaign so you can use their approaches and improve. The Dashboard. When it comes to the backend of the SEOmonitor, you don’t need to be a computer genius to understand its interface. Even the average users can get used to it so easily. You can take the opportunity of getting discounts with SEOmonitor Group Buy. As soon as you set up the project, you can access the dashboard where you can see the organic traffic of your website. The number of keywords you are going to upload will vary depending on the price plan. Keyword research can get you back on track that shows the competitors feature against your keywords.

SEOmonitor was designed to track non-branded keywords. That’s why the branded keywords were limited and primarily used as rules, to split the organic traffic into branded and non-branded. Starting today, any number of branded keywords can be tracked daily, on both devices. However, they will not be included when calculating the Visibility Score and they will automatically be separated from the non-brand keywords, always remaining in their dedicated group.

We took it upon ourselves to find a tool that would help us uncover those elusive ‘not provided’ keywords with the aim of out-smarting our (and our clients’) competitors. After testing a string of software packages we came across a relatively unknown tool by the name of SEOmonitor. We’ve never looked back. SEOmonitor has helped us to achieve great results for many of our clients, Sofa.com being one of them. The sofa.com case study was finalists in the 2015 Drum Search awards. The jewel in the crown that is SEOmonitor, is most definitely its reporting on ‘not provided’ keywords. Having this essential data helps us make better, more informed decisions. Device-specific ranking metrics. The timing of this feature couldn’t have been better. From April 21st (when Google rolled out their mobile-update) SEOmonitor made it possible to see ranking metrics specifically for mobile devices. This level of insight allows us to monitor the impact of the update and propose tactics geared towards harnessing the increase in mobile use. Difficulty scores. Deciding on which keywords to base your strategy on is a crucial element of any SEO campaign, but is also one that was, in the past, fraught with uncertainty. The Difficulty Score metric within SEOmonitor takes away this uncertainty by combining quantitative figures with qualitative data to provide more insight into which keyphrases are the most competitive. Competitor reports. “With SEOmonitor, we’re able to map keyword performance against 5 competitors. This is useful for our team as it allows us to put or client sites into context, but it is especially helpful for clients themselves as it gives them the benchmarking information necessary for better strategic direction.”. Report of keyphrases on page 2. The ‘Page 2’ report is a great way of highlighting specific keywords that have slipped off of the first page of Google. With this information we can focus our efforts on what can sometimes be quick wins. Want a free demo? These are just a few examples of the capabilities of SEOmonitor – there are many, many more! If you would like a demo of SEOmonitor we will link a trial account with your Analytics and Webmaster Tools/Search Console. This can be your own site, or if you are an agency one of your clients’ sites. You can then book a slot for one of our technical team to demonstrate how to use the tool. During the demo we will show you how to use all the features of SEOmonitor and create a forecast for your chosen group of target phrases.