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StoryBase is a powerful marketing tool, a reverse search engine that shows exactly how people search on the internet. Its power lies in its ability to tell you what your prospects want, what their challenges are and who they are. StoryBase lets you discover and give that sweet perfect spot of relevant content that is likely to affect their choice.

StoryBase is a long tail keyword research tool. Just enter the keyword as you can get hundreds of phrases and questions that people use to describe that topic online. It can search for content ideas in seconds. As it has an authoritative data source. Use search data to focus on the most important subject for your target audience.

Do you wish to grow organically with powerful content marketing? It sounds too good to be true and the whole concept of SEO is rooted on artifice or gaming the Google search algorithm to your advantage. There’s nothing natural about it, right? Get a StoryBase Group Buy and find out that it’s not too good to be true and it’s actually reality. After all, content is king in the Worldwide Web. This is true whether you’re making a site to sell your wares, a blog to publish your life, a Twitter or Facebook account you want to gain more popularity on, game reviews, daily life vlogs, or livestreams on Let’s Plays or political debates. If you’re iffy about doing a Group Buy, you can start a StoryBase free trial itself to know what it’s all about. . The StoryBase Content Building Advantage. Break That Writer’s Block: Writer’s block isn’t only reserved for writers. This slump and dearth in ideas also affects artists, marketers, advertisers, creatives, and companies. In SEO terms, you might struggle to find content ideas for your website, blog, or YouTube channel. Let StoryBase help you find content ideas in seconds using the most powerful data sources available.

Content that Spreads and Blooms: It is one thing to make content that dies as soon as it’s published, with nary any viral viability at all. It’s another thing to end up with content that serves as a seed that grows and produces more seeds, making your content topic branch out. StoryBase does this through the help of search data that focuses on topics that organically spread and is in many a netizen’s consciousness. Getting Organic Traffic: How does artificial SEO or forced optimization of your site so that it’s more visible on sites like Google, YouTube, and Amazon result in organic or natural traffic and exposure? It’s all about riding trends, getting the pulse of the Worldwide Web at large, or even helping create trends by knowing what your customers want. Craft your SEO campaign right and people will organically follow you on their own volition. One Simple App to Rule Them All: Another thing that works to the advantage of StoryBase is its simplicity. It intuitively makes finding ideas, topics, and keywords rather straightforward so that you won’t be forced to spam your links or solicit your wares on various forums and groups, only to get banned by your hard sell tactics that don’t work well on the net. Why would you bother with a StoryBase Group Buy with https://www.storybase.com? It’s because getting price breaks, discounts, and/or reduced prices by virtue of community buying power makes perfect sense with an organic content marketing application that benefits all who get their hands on it. Simply put, even at full price it’s worth more than you’re paying for it.