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StoryBase is a powerful marketing tool, a reverse search engine that shows exactly how people search on the internet. Its power lies in its ability to tell you what your prospects want, what their challenges are and who they are. StoryBase lets you discover and give that sweet perfect spot of relevant content that is likely to affect their choice.

We’ve all experienced hitting a dead end when it comes to creating quality content – and of course, that is seriously frustrating. This has always been one of the most common obstacles for content marketers and determining which topics are popular as well as how to talk about them has always been difficult.

Promising to solve all of these problems is StoryBase, a tool that is committed to helping in the process of content generation by suggesting simple yet valuable insight which it derives from a multitude of complex data.

StoryBase is an easy-to-use tool that avoids providing overly complicated graphics and statistics by offering insights that “truly matter” – and do bear in mind that this is how the product itself is advertised on their website.

Fortunately, our in-house SEO-Hacker team was given the opportunity to try this tool out during our brainstorming sessions and after a few days of testing, here are our thoughts on StoryBase: